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Dakota Sioux Wars

             Attention Catcher: During the time of the Dakota War and before, the Civil War had already begun. Many whites were gone to fight in the war. Since the Sioux had been disgusted with their situation for sometime they saw fit to attack the white man when he was at his weakest fighting other whites. It is interesting and perhaps ironic that at the same time African-Americans struggled for freedom, Native Americans faced a very similar conflict.
             II. Listener Relevance Link: Most of us have experienced a incident or situation where you feel you have been treated unjustly or unfair to the point where you have to stand your ground and not falter until you have at hand some kind of justice. I am quite sure this is how the Sioux people felt.
             III. Speaker Credibility Statement: After much research I have come to feel a deep sorrow for the Sioux people having their land stolen from them and all the misfortune that followed. It is hard to understand some other human beings lack the ability to feel compassion.
             IV. Thesis Statement: The Dakota Sioux War was an act of the Sioux people fighting for self-preservation. .
             V. Preview: First, I will talk about what started the conflict; secondly I will cover the war and its battles, and finally the wars ending and its out come.
             I. First main point: What precipitated the conflict.
             A. Subpoint: For sometime, the Dakota Indians as well as many other groups of Native Americans received pressure from European settlers. After being swindled into debt by fur traders by purchasing on credit due to late rations, the Dakota Indians were practically forced into signing a treaty relinquishing all lands west of the Mississippi.
             B. Subpoint: Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Charles E. Mix informed the Dakota chiefs that the government also required all lands north of the Minnesota River which included half of the their reservation. The treaty, though it seemed unfair to the Dakota and was in fact unfair, still provided a lofty image of "what a great deal" the Indians were receiving.

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