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Death Penalty

             Crimes are committed daily and punishment for crimes are very necessary but when the penalty is a life who is to be the judge. The Death penalty is harsh. Whether by hanging, shooting, gases, electrocution or through lethal injection it is the most severe form of punishment. The process of the death penalty is irrevocable: it ends the existence of those punished, instead of temporarily imprisoning them. It is even cheaper to keep an inmate on death row for the rest of his life then to execute him. Six times cheaper. .
             The best argument of them all is that it is irreversible, 25 people have been wrongfully executed in this century, and that is unacceptable. No man is perfect. Mistakes will be made so if you execute him you leave no chance for rehabilitation. Just imagine if you were the person wrongfully accused of a murder. Then you were sentenced to the electric chair. That is one innocent person completely abolished from this earth. How is justice being served there?.
             A wise man once said, "an eye for an eye leaves every one blind"- Martin Luther King Jr. The death penalty barbaric, I say barbaric because death is not something to be viewed upon like a spectator's sport. The death penalty is as bad as mid evil times where the convicted where sent off to fight to the dead. By the killing the guilty party you are not achieving anything. All you are doing is wiping away another one of Gods precious lives. This country was built on Gods word (the bible) so lets follow his commandments: Thall shalt not kill. Therefore if a man kills do not kill him. Let God deal with him. No man has the right to take a life.
             Some people are for the death penalty, and some are not. I hope after reading my essay you will have a better understanding of what the death penalty is and how it works, and maybe you too will change your views and ideas about the death penalty as I did. The victim is dead and can never return.

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