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Death Penalty

            The United States sees Capital Punishment as constitutional, an evenhanded form of punishment and a political issue; the death penalty causes many problems in our society, people believe that there are other ways of punishing criminals in its place of death. The United States and many other nations have used Capital punishment to discourage criminals and punish others. The death penalty or as it is formally called, Capital Punishment, continues to be a controversial issue in American society, the only way to solve this issue is by abolishing capital punishment.
             Many citizens in the United States are against capital punishment because they assume that the death penalty is a cruel and unusual way of punishing criminals. However, how is executing Karla Faye Tucher by Lethal Injection any more cruel than the way she used a pick-ax to viciously butcher two people to death. They think that it is as immoral as murder, is discriminatory because most of the executed, at least in the United States, are black, poor, that's it is expensive, paid by our tax money since it burdens the criminal justice system with lengthy appeals, that it does not deter crime, and that innocent people will be put to death (Oxford). "An evil deed is not redeemed by an evil deed of retaliation. Justice is never advanced in taking a human life. Mortality is never upheld by legalizing murder- said by Coretta Scott King (AIUSA). Murdering the criminal does not ring back a murder loved one.
             If an innocent person was convicted executed, there's no way you can change the past, but if a person was convicted and imprisoned and later on found innocent they would be released. Death critics say that the risks of killing an innocent person is too great, mistakes can happen with any system, but once the person is executed it is too late to apologize (Day, 13). Between 1973 and 1999, eight-four people were freed from death row and declared innocent, which means one death row has been released for every seven executed (Day, 13).

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