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Death Penalty

            The worst thing that could happen to anyone is to have his/her life taken away from him/her. If you die by someone's elses cause, then the murderer must be killed as well, thats why I support the death penalty. The death penalty brings justice and relief to the family of the victim. No one has the right or power to take away the life an innocent human being. Only god has the right to take away our lives, because most of us know that god gave us life to begin with. .
             I am not the only one that believes that the death penalty is the only solution for justice, but several other people would agree to my opinion. Edward Koch is someone that would agree that the death penalty brings justice. He provided a few examples which I found interesting on why we should practice the death penalty. One of the things that Edward koch said in his essay that I found to be true is when he said in his essay that " Human life deserves speacial protection, and one of the best ways to guarantee that protection is to assure that convicted murderers do not kill again. Only the death penalty can accomplish this end"( Edward I. Koch, 240). People who kill once are very likily to kill a second time, and so the death penalty will assure that murderers would not get away with murder for the second time. Murderers in the past have been released and got away with another murder, " In a recent case in New jersey, a man named Richard Biegenwald was freed from prison after serving 18 years for murder; since his release he has been convicted of commititing four murders" ( Edward I. Koch, 241). Another similar example is " A prisoner in named Lemuel Smith, who, while serving four life sentences for murder in New York's Green Haven prison, lured a woman corrections officer into the chaplain's office and strangled her"( Edward I. Koch, 241). As you can see it only makes sense to have the death penalty, because it stops and gets rid of criminals who have the potential of commiting several murders.

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