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            Rene Descartes and his wax example impacted dualism, while he talked about physical substance. He then used this wax example to provide backing to his other theories, while showing that we live in a dualist world where there is a physical world and a mental world and that although both exist, they do not interact within each other. .
             For the example he said observe a piece of wax as it is fresh from the bee's hive. Your senses tell you many things just by examining it. The taste is sweet, the odor is sweet like a flower, it has a yellow color, it has a definite figure, it has a definite size, it's hard, it's cold, it's easily handled, and it makes a noise when it is struck upon. Then Descartes takes the wax and heats it, and observes the same properties. The wax is now tasteless, odorless, the color has been altered, the shape has now changed, the size has become greater, it has transformed into a liquid, it is warm, it is hard to handle and it makes no sound when struck upon. He points out that both are wax even though it doesn't seem like it to our senses because it seems like they are different substances. .
             He then makes a couple of observations after comparing these facts. He states that what he knows about wax isn't what the senses tell him wax is, and that he knows wax, by what his mind tells him wax is, and not what his senses tell him what wax is. Therefore he proved that both the mental and physical worlds exist but they do not interact with each other. He stated that although what we see doesn't seem like wax to our senses mentally, we know that it's wax, and it is actually wax physically.
             He uses wax because it is a common thing that many people know about, and it gives us reason to mistrust our senses. Descartes also believed that there was some kind of evil genius polluting people's minds and making them believe things that aren't actually there. He then looks out the window and says that he sees hats and clothes and that their might not be people outside but they could be machines dressed as people.

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