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Gay Marriage

             There always seems to be some new major argument in the news from abortion to war. Now people are fighting over whether or not same sex marriage should be allowed. An article "Gay Marriage Will Be Accepted - Eventually" by Philip Gaily, recently appeared in the Honolulu Star Bulletin on August 1, 2003. The article is true; America will come to accept homosexual marriage over time.
             America is supposed to be the land of the free, where everyone's equal, and the laws don't discriminate. Well it sounds like a good idea, but America's past and present show major discriminations. Interracial marriage wasn't allowed in all states until 1967, when the US Supreme Court declared that the "freedom to marry" belonged to all Americans. Well they must have forgotten to let homosexuals know they were excluded. Laws are created or changed every day, and they become accepted by Americans. Same sex marriages won't be any different. Both sides will argue for a wile, but eventually the public will see gay marriage as another basic right and freedom of choice.
             Why the big deal about legal marriage? Marriage is a legal contract recognized by the federal government and state governments. There are hundreds of laws pertaining to married couples and their benefits. By not legally recognizing gay marriage homosexual couples lose out on those benefits. During Bill Clinton's time as president he signed a bill so that if gay marriage were legalized states don't have to recognize a same sex marriage from another state. This goes against a clause in the constitution stating that states must recognize a legal marriage from another state. Politicians seem to be having a hard time dealing with this issue.
             Homosexual marriage will lead to the end of sexual morality and the family union some may say. With the high availability of pornography through the Internet and at the local corner store sexual morality is al ready declining.

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