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Demonic Possession And Exorcisms:Fact Or Fiction?

             The mystery behind demonic possessions has religious leaders and scientists going head to head trying to prove their points by studying history, the present and documented cases to determine whether one is truly possessed by demons or simply harboring a mental disorder. The universal signs of demonic possession include the speaking of an unknown language, the knowing of distant or hidden things, and the manifestation of abnormal strength. I believe that people and some places are possessed by demons. I will state some pros and cons to validate or maybe to convince myself otherwise. You be the judge.
             The history of demonic possession dates back before the birth of Christ and throughout time, exorcisms has been secretly performed. Throughout time exorcisms have been secretly performed. Priests were told not to discuss or document any cases. In 1664, Father Bishop, of the Roman Catholic diocese of New York, decided to keep what he called a "minute account" of specific exorcism happenings for any future cases. .
             The early writings in the 19th century by Edwin Smith Papyrus stated that the Chinese, Egyptians, Hebrews, and Greeks used several different methods to expel demons from their town's people. "Magic" was usually the first method used. The witch doctor or healer would perform rituals on the possessed person by tying them up to a tree while mixing together potions as the people chanted spells to release the demons from the body of the victims. The healer would then leave the victim shackled to the tree for four days to give the demon time to depart. The healer would return to free the newly cleansed person from their bondage. He would take the victim to a sanctuary where they would be permitted to sleep for four more days. Once the person is released from the sanctuary they were considered to be a spiritual counselor due to their experience with the supernatural.
             In the present, religion is slowly merging with science concerning demonic possession.

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