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Bilingual Education

            Bilingual Education is an important role in everyday life. Being bilingual not only helps a person as an individual, it helps that person contribute more to their country.
             It is extremely important to be bilingual, especially when looking for necessities in life like education, jobs, and housing. If you know two or more languages, you can then meet and interact with interesting people. Your world will become less blurry and complicated.
             Another advantage of being bilingual is that if you travel to a different country, you wont have to face the frustrations of attempting to communicate with the people that you meet. You can communicate and understand more people than if you only knew one language.
             When you"re bilingual, you can put it on your resume. Being bilingual not only gets you the job, it also has a major role to play in your payment. Employees who speak two or more languages earn more. So if you're in the job market, and you're trying to decide whether to take some time off and study language intensively or find a job, my advice is simple: do the language course first! You won't regret the time invested. I see over and over again the advantage of being bilingual. If there are two candidates, the person with the language and communication skills wins the position 80% of the time. .
             Knowing two or more languages truly gives you so many advantages in life. Bilingual people have the advantage of knowing two cultures, of being able to communicate with a wider variety of people, and of possible economic advantages in their future. Research has even shown advantages in thinking skills among bilingual individuals. .
             My point is that being bilingual is a huge advantage. It seems essential to have a good command of at least one foreign language. It is a fact that people who are bilingual have a more developed ability to learn languages (they do it faster and have softer accent or no accent at all).

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