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The Advantages of Having a Bilingual Education

            According to Michael Martinez in a March 24, 2011 article on CNN US, the Hispanic population in America has grown 43% since 2000. In today's modern and inter-connected world, it is hard and nearly impossible to communicate if you do not know a second language. As you all know, it can be extremely aggravating trying to communicate with someone who is not familiar with your native language. We can all sit around and complain all we want that they should be the ones learning our language, but the population is only going to increase, and it is going to become more difficult. The Hispanic rate is only rising and is said by Jeffrey Passel, a demographic researcher for the Pew Research Center on February 11, 2008, that by 2050 America will contained of 29% Hispanics. That is why I feel that it should be crucial for the American K-12 education to start teaching children as much English as well Spanish from first entering grade school to graduating high school. I will be focusing on three main aspects on the importance of knowing a second language; where our country currently stands compared to other countries, why being bilingually disadvantaged is occurring, and the best solution to making America a more integrated country, making overall communication more useful for all American citizens. .
             We are America, we cannot go backwards. We can only progress forward. America was established to be a melting pot of all sorts. Where people from different cultural heritages, differing racial or ethnic characteristics could all come tougher to live in peace and maintain harmony. That is why we should abide to what we as a country were made for. We live in the fourth most Hispanic populated state in the nation. If you have ever been to Miami, you will already know that it is practically its own country set aside from the rest of the state. The schools have signs that say "Bilingual Speaking School" for the Spanish-speaking children who do not understand English.

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