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Bilingual Education

            Languages are a major part of all human beings around the world and the ability to speak more than just your native language is a blessing. Around the world bilingual people are being offered some of the greatest opportunities in life for success. This method of becoming successful in life opens up doors filled with opportunities you never dreamed of before. Spanish is already a vital second language in the United States, and will probably be even more important in the future. The U.S. Hispanic population continues to grow, and our political and trading ralationships with Spanish-speaking countries will develop further. It is important to note that English is not in danger of being relegated to second-class status in this country. .
             Attitudes towards Bilingualism:.
             Bilingualism has been a contraversial issue, its no a new issue, it has its trace throughout history. A quote was once said my a famous person in our history " the man who becomes Americanized . and who talks United States instead of the dialect of the country which he has of his own free will abandoned, is not only doing his plain duty by his adopted land, but is also rendering himself s service of immeasurable value. A man who speaks German or Swedish may nevertheless be a most useful American citizen; but it is impossible for him to derive the full benefit he should from American citizenship." (Theodore Roosavelt, 1888). In many cases bilingualism is viewed negatively and with suspicion. .
             Advantages of a Bilingual:.
             Research has shown that certain areas of the brain are highly more developed among bilinguals. Another advantage is an increase in career possabilities. Many jobs require skills in another language, even in the United States, given the number of Spanish-speaking residents we now have. Foreign language education also widens kids' horizons. Children who have another culture opened to them are open to other cultures.

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