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Bilingualism in the United States

            There are many arguments that have advocated for bilingualism to be encouraged in the United States. There is one faction that claims it makes foreigners feel accommodated and accommodated and also to facilitate the learning of thousands on non-English speaking students who go for studies. On the other hand there are those who claim it leads to a national disunity. The paper will look at these two sides of the debate and lastly take a stand on why the US should provide bilingual services to its immigrants mainly by basing its argument on reasons derived from the benefits gained on its educational, social and economic aspects.
             Bilingualism can be taken to mean fluent regular use of two languages in the day to day communication. Scientist have been able to show that being able to speak two language is even more fundamental than just being able to have a conversation with individuals of different backgrounds. They have proved that bilingualism makes one smarter. Bilingualism can have the effect of improving a person's cognitive skills that are in no manner related to language. There is an increasing diversification of ethnic and racial diversification in the United States today. Currently, over 40 million language-minority people reside in the United States with the projections expected to increase with time. Immigrants and learners from all over the world live in the united state: a situation that should naturally pave the way for bilingualism.
             Debates surrounding bilingualism have been brought forward time and again as the United States population becomes more diverse. The big question remains; should English be made the official language? Should there be a prohibition of other languages other than English In government services and public services and even in schools? Should non-English speakers be taught using their native language, English or both languages? In short, the debate has time and again been about whether bilingualism should be simply encouraged or outright prohibited.

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