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English as the official language of the United States

             There are many effects in society that spark up controversy in the United States. Some of these incorporate issues regarding race, religion, culture, ect. At times conflicts may occur among these issues due to the beliefs that particular individuals have concerning or revolving around the idea that their race religion, culture, ect is superior to the rest of humanities. In mentioning these issues we come upon the subject of equality and opportunity. Equality and opportunity as well as racism and freedom are other topics that engage in controversy. All of these subjects have one thing in common. They will all take place if the amendment to make English the official language is passed.
             In my opinion making English the official language of the United States is not a bold move for America and its people. It singles out the English language giving it more dominance and therefore making it seem superior. It projects an image that states only English is necessary, essential and has more power. By disregarding all the other languages you are casting them to seem mediocre. Passing English as the official language will up bring linguistic separation which will eventually add an extra flame into the spark of controversy. Aflame that could have easily been avoided.
             Another aspect of this issue concerns equality and opportunity. This is said to be the "land of opportunity", but how much opportunity will those who are not familiar with the English language have? I believe that they will not obtain equal opportunities that those who can read, write and understand English will obtain. They will not acquire their right as an American to have their paperwork in their desired language. It as if they are taking advantage of those who are English illiterate.
             Making English the official language will support racism, reduce our freedom, and eventually our cultures will evaporate. Haven't we been trying to diminish these issues from the United States? Why then must we encourage this amendment? Instead of clinching on to the proposal of a single language, we should embrace bilingualism.

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