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English only?

             In modern times there are many different languages. Anywhere you go on earth you can almost always find different cultures that speak part of the English language. Thousands of immigrants from all over the world flock to the United States. Home to millions of people, the U.S. is so diverse. Everywhere you go there are differences. Among some of the differences and diversities there appears the problem of the language barrier that many immigrants face. When coming to America many people believe that the immigrant should know English if they wish to be in the U.S. .
             Why do immigrants need to know English if they wish to be in the U.S.? Do all Americans that live overseas know the languages of Europe? Or even the foreign country that they are in? NO. Americans do not want change. They wish to assimilate any immigrants that come to the United States. So what is the reason that Americans want people to know English? Immigrants should not have to know the English language upon coming into the U.S. The U.S. was founded in diversity for freedom. None of the original colonies spoke the same language. The French were in the Louisiana Purchase. The English were along the East Coast. Spaniards were in Florida and the Far West. To top it off, Native Americans, that spoke all sorts of different tribal languages, were spread all across the United States. All this diversity and we still want people to have to speak English. English is not a requirement for coming to this country and living a life.
             In our constitution it states that we have the freedom of choice, and the freedom of speech. This means that nobody has say as to how anyone else can speak, and that nobody can force him or her to speak a specific way. Most people in the U.S. believe that everyone receives equal rights. Most people also have the mind to say that they can speak however they want and whenever they want. What is the difference if they say it in Spanish or Korean? What if they have such a thick accent you can not understand it in English? In this day and age the reason people come to the U.

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