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English-Only Bill

             The English-Only Bill is an extremely controversial subject. This bill was passed by the Iowa Senate, 27-23, on March 1, 2001. It was then passed to the House of Representatives who passed the bill, 56-42. The next year on February 25, Governor Tom Vilsack signed the bill to make it official. This bill made Iowa's official language English. Iowa was the 27th state to adopt English as their official language. The bill states that all state and local governmental documents, proceedings, and publications have to be printed in English only.
             Supporters of this decision argue that if every state would pass this bill, it would unify the country. They believe that requiring English to be the official language of the state will encourage immigrants to learn English more quickly. They also believe that other languages could take over and are threatening to the English language. .
             I, as an opposer of the bill, have a different opinion. I do agree that knowing the English language is a necessity to live without difficulty in the United states, but I do not agree that it should be the only language that is welcomed or used. I agree with the many articles I have read in that the passing of this bill makes Iowa look like we aren't welcoming to immigrants. Our state should be, and always has been, inviting to different nationalities. I don't believe that there is a threat against the English language at all. I agree with the statement made in an essay written by Holly Hudson:.
             "Why should English be made the official language of the United States of America? If it does not affect the rights of Americans, it is merely symbolic and frivolous. If it restricts the rights of some Americans, it is dangerous. By passing the English Language Amendment, the rights of the language minority would be lost. Not only would the language minority suffer, but it would lead to the end of the rights enjoyed by all Americans.

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