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Go Bills

             Game day comes on Sunday, 8 times a year. Bill's games are by far the greatest experience for a Bills fan. It's what every Bills fan longs for in the off-season, everyday just waiting until that magical Sunday when drew Bledsoe will lead his team, our team, to another victory. That is a guarantee.
             The ridiculously annoying alarm disturbs what is considered sleep, but 4 hours of sleep is almost inadequate. The first thing you begin to think about is the Bills, as if there is anything else to ponder on a Sunday morning at 5am. As you stumble incoherently into the shower you start your checklist for tailgating utilities. You list them in your head, Hot dogs, cooler, ice, hamburgers, cheese, chicken wings, plates, forks, and the most important of all, beer. The shower is just another sorry excuse for more rest, when often you find yourself nodding off into the deep sleep you wish you had the night before, but the anticipation for the game tends to keep you awake for long periods of time. You already have 3 missed calls of your friends who seem to always be ready before you, and have not forgotten a thing. Sometimes they are even outside waiting. As you throw on your Bledsoe jersey and other ridiculous amounts of clothes, you once again go over the checklist; of course you have forgotten everything you listed 5 minutes ago. Once you think you are ready, you"re not, there is always at lease one thing that you know you are going to be mad about when you realize that it is not there, and it is usually the most important thing. .
             The level of anticipation is now at the fullest extent, because you are on the road heading for the Ralph. Visions of sport center highlights flash through your head as the road quickly passes by you, and the sounds of happiness radiates from the tightly packed car as you turn onto 1 Bills drive. As you arrive in the stadium you are greeted by the veteran tailgating fans that have been there all night, and have as much energy as you had on Christmas morning as a child.

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