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Go Getter

             Kyne is a short story about how a person can be a go-getter. This story can be inspirational to someone who is in the same position or in a similar position to the character in the book. The reason is because if someone has a task that needs to be accomplished and the have the same drive and desirability as the go-getter did in this book, that person knows that the task can be achieved by any means necessary. .
             The go-getter in this book is a man named William E. Peck, better known as Bill Peck. Bill Peck is a war veteran who is now a salesman and is seeking work from Ricks Logging & Lumber Company. He is the type is person that when he wants something, he does not like to take no for an answer. Or if he has a task to attend to, he does whatever it takes to make sure that task gets accomplished.
             I believe a go-getter is someone who has the drive and a strong desire to do something or get something done. There are two main points in the story that shows these attributes of Bill Peck (the go-getter). The first one is when Bill Peck goes in for an interview with Alden P. Ricks, better known as Cappy Ricks. After the two formally greet each other, Cappy Ricks asked Bill Peck "What can I do for you?" The first thing Bill Peck said was "I've called for my job." His lets Cappy Ricks know that Bill Peck was not going to take no for an answer and he was going to do what he had to do to make sure he got the job. Bill Peck told Cappy Ricks that he had already had an interview with Mr. Skinner (president and general manager for Ricks Logging & Lumber Co.) who denied him the job. He also had an interview with Matt Peasley (president and manager of Blue Star Navigation Co.) and he also denied him the job. If Bill Peck were not a go-getter, he most likely would have been trying to find another job. Since he is a go-getter, he knew what job he wanted and he also knew that if he was going to get that job then he was going to have to stay persistent and no take the word no for an answer.

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