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            Young adults, more specifically college students, aren't very concerned with politics.
             Most aren't informed about what issues are currently being discussed.
             College students are usually more worried about their studies or their social life, or their jobs.
             There are numerous television programs that come on discussing the issues of today (The O"Reilly Factor, The Fox Report (Fox News Channel), Hardball w/ Chris Matthews (MSNBC), the nightly national news (ABC, NBC, CBS)).
             Most students probably don't pay attention to some of these shows because they don't know how the issues directly affect them, the programs are boring; one show that puts a comedic spin on what happens in the world is the Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart (Comedy Central).
             Young adults should pay more attention to the issues of today for multiple reasons, most importantly, because this year is an election year, and whoever the next president is will have a profound impact on our generation, especially our wallets and bank accounts. The current generation of college students are going to enter the real world in large amounts of debt because of the constant rising cost of school, and will also be paying taxes that go to the payment of the current war in Iraq. Also, there are reports that Social Security would almost run out before most students would be old enough to retire and collect on it.
             Young adults need to find out where the politicians stand on these and other issues; the democratic, republican, and independent candidates all have websites, giving background information, their political views and their reasons why the opponent's plan wouldn't work.
             A lot of young people tend to believe the political world is nothing more than a bunch of people saying whatever it takes to get elected into whatever office they"re running for. Also, the political system is so complex, it just turns them off to it.
             There are students who choose not to vote because where they attend college isn't in their home state, and they wouldn't want to lose their residency in that state.

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