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Should the United Nations be Involved in International Affai

            Should the United Nations be Involved in International Affairs?.
             Imagine the chaos and death of a nuclear war, or just one nuclear bomb. The United Nations and its members help stop just that. UN countries may have not lived up to the original vision that layed out the groundwork of the UN, but the UN has defiantly helped the world today. In Korea if it wasn't for the United Nations the USA probably would of resorted to using weapons of mass destruction. Since nations are by their very nature, insecure, all nations benefit from an organization that promises security for all with little or no risk that the nation's sovereign interest will be diminished. Prevention before action. The UN provides a place where nations can talk over problems before going to war and making deadly mistakes. If a war does happen, and peace is eventually made, then the untied nations can help maintain what might be a very fragile peace. The is nothing wrong with countries binding together to create one large international community to look after their nations own interests. .
             The year is 1950 and North communism Korea has just invaded South (Americanism) Korea. Now using the argument that the UN should go in and help little S. Korea because the evil comies are taking over from the north is bias, but saying that the UN should go into Korea to stop nuclear war is not. After the north invades the south, but before the United Nations decide to go into Korea, the USA has already agreed to send forces in. Imagine for a minute that the UN voted against using military action in Korea and the USA was pushing the north Koreans back all by themselves. Soon after pushing the north back, china gets scared and allies with the north Koreans. The USA now finds themselves in a horrible predicament- either abandon their cause, or fighting two counties at once. United States of America soon starts loosing the war, since the combined forces of the UN couldn't fight North Korea and China, so the USA turns to nuclear weapons.

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