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The Guide To Getting It On-----Book Review

            Book Review---The Guide to Getting It On.
             In the book The Guide to Getting It On, the author expresses the different aspects of sex in a fun and playful way. This book is a great source for anyone wanting to learn more about sex, relationships, or even the human body. Anyone who reads this book will benefit in one way or another.
             The content of the book contains every aspect of sex that anyone would ever be interested in learning. The first few chapters describe the more refined attitudes of sex. The Guide to Getting It On begins by explaining the history of sex. One example is the discovery of the word "clitoris" was said to have come from the 1960s when an astronaut landed on the moon. While the author clarifies that the clitoris by no means was invented in the 1960s, few people just never knew what to call it. The book goes on to illustrate the arts of kissing, the importance of getting naked, and the importance of understanding the penis and the vagina. The middle of the book begins to describe the more crude parts of sex. The reader can learn better techniques to improve his/her sex life. From hand jobs to anal sex, the reader is able to learn many insightful points of view. About three-quarters through the book, the author communicates the more erotic elements that are involved in many sexual situations. The book concludes with chapters about birth control methods, sex laws, and my favorite, how to talk to kids about sex. It is hard knowing what is appropriate and what is not when explaining sex to children. Children need to understand sex as well, so they do not make mistakes early on in their life and so they can enjoy every part of sex when they are old enough. .
             The Guide to Getting It On is intended for anyone who wants to learn more about sex. No matter who you are and how much sexual experience you have had, you will benefit from this book. Anyone interested in learning anything about sex, their bodies, or any other insight about sex should read this book.

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