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The Go Getter

            A fascinating story of a crippled army veteran turned lumber salesman. Travel along with Bill Peck and discover how his 'never-say-die' attitude will become your keystone for success. The author skillfully merges this timeless principle, along with a healthy dose of infectious humor, to create a classic.
             This book tells how Mr. Ricks, the owner of a lumber and logging company, was having a problem with his Shanghai office. His supervisor's explanation was that men who were too young for responsibility surrounded him. In addition, three managers had "gone rotten." The company would be in trouble if things persisted as they were. About this time a crippled veteran by the name of William E. Peck requested an interview for employment. .
             The old man was impressed and, going over the heads of all the executives and supervisors, hired William E. Peck. Bill was warned to produce and not get out of line.
             Peck was given the task of selling a lot of undesirable lumber that the company was stuck with. He was happy. He said, "I can sell anything at a fair price." For two months they saw nothing of him. He sent orders back to the office almost daily. He sold five new accounts and increased sales dramatically. So impressed was the owner that he thought Bill might be a good man to head up the Shanghai office. But, before a final decision, Bill would have to go through the "test.".
             The "test" was to send Bill on an errand to obtain a very expensive blue vase, which had been described, to him in detail. Bill was told the approximate location of the neighborhood-which street, which store, and the window where it could be seen. When Bill went to get it the vase wasn't there. This was the beginning of the "test". Bill had to deal with obstacle after obstacle after obstacle in order to find this vase.
             When Bill finally delivered the vase to Mr. Ricks, and then found out it was all a test he almost feel apart. Then Mr. Ricks told him the reason behind it and it worked out well.

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