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My Friend Bill

             Bill was a guy I used to hang out with back when I was in junior high. He was a really good friend to me, and since I was new to the school, he made me feel like I wasn't alone. We would play basketball a lot and play his Nintendo whenever I went over to his house after school. He was kind of tall, so when we played basketball, he would usually beat the snot out of me because he was taller than I was, so I couldn't block any of his shots. Behind the basketball player though was a really shy guy who never would say anything to hurt my feelings. He would laugh all the time, but it was sort of fake, as if there was something underneath. .
             Bill grew up in Colorado, back in the mountains, and his dad was a construction worker and his mom a certified dietician. He had an extreme love for the Chicago Cubs, and whenever they would play in Colorado, he would be the first one at the game. His uncle owned some apartments in Rock Falls and had become ill, so his father packed up everything from Colorado and moved to Rock Falls. .
             Life in Rock Falls was great at first for Bill. We would be together a lot, doing all sorts of things. Both of us were enjoying our years of junior high, and preparing to be together for high school, but things started to change with him. His dad went out of town more and more, leaving just Bill and his mother in the house for months at a time. When Bill's dad was away, Bill would command his mother to do everything he said. One time when I was over, Bill was screaming at the top of his lungs for his mother to go to McDonald's and get him some food. He was very vindictive with her. She told him that she had no money and that she would just fix something for dinner. Bill always got his way though, and would not stop screaming at her until she agreed to go get him his food. I told his mom that I was sorry for what he had said to her, but she just asked me if I wanted something too, and I declined, but when she came back, she had gotten something for me, just so Bill wouldn't yell at her.

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