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A Perspective On Kill Bill

            After seeing several previews for new movies that were coming out one stood out as something worth seeing when it was released. On the Friday night when Kill Bill Volume One, directed by Quentin Terentino, was released I was going to go to the theatres and see it. My self and my two friends decided that Kill Bill Volume One was the movie we were going to watch. There was no debate about it. We checked the internet for available times and once we found a time that we were all available the tickets were bought. We left the house and headed for the theatres. When we got to the theatres it was quite busy but we were still able to find parking. When we got into the movie theatre we thought it would be empty and we would have plenty of time to find seats. However when we got in we quickly realized that we needed to hurry if we were going to find seats. We found our seats and proceeded to sit down and wait for the film to start. We decided against concessions because we didn't want to have to get up during the film. When the lights dropped there were 2 commercials and 5 previews for new films all before the feature began. .
             Kill Bill Volume One is the story of a woman who used to be an assassin but wants to leave that business to start a new life. On her wedding day her ex-associates kill her fiancé and everyone else who was at her wedding ceremony. They beat her, shot her and left her for dead. When this woman wakes up from her coma, her sole purpose becomes to seek revenge on her ex-associates one at a time until she can get to her ex-boss, Bill, and kill him. During the film the heroine wakes up from her coma, gets back into shape so she can seek her revenge, arms herself and goes after two of the people that attacked her on her wedding day. She attacks, fights and kills two members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, the assassination squad she used to work with. To get to one of them she just walks up to her door and they begin to fight.

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