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Martha Billes

             Martha Gertrude Billes is one of Canada's most amazing women. She is in the top ten most successful buissness women. She's a Graduate of Ontario Teachers College.She's a graduate of Macdonald Institute in Home Economics. She's 62, and she is the sole owner of Canadian Tire.
             A.J. Billes Martha's father is the founder of Canadian Tire. He and his brother J.W. Billes started "Tire", as Martha calls it, in 1922. A.J. married had two son's Fred and David and a daughter Martha. As the boys grew older A.J. introduced them to the familly buisness, excluding Martha. During Martha's Childhood she was never allowd to go into the store. She always waited with her mother. All Martha had out of the buisness were the Candaian Tire shares that gave her more money then most people have ever dreamed of. That's just wasn't enough for her.
             Martha grew up in a time where women were told to stay home raise kids and be there to greet your husband when he returns from work. Her parents were never supportive of her dreams.She wanted to go to into physics and chemistry in college and university. However she did not want to disapoint her parents, therefore she attended Macdonald Institute in guelph where she aquired skills in home economics She married twice and adopted and son, Owen. She was a research assistant for two companies. Then decided to switch careers and she attended teachers college. She taught grade 4,5, and 6. However meny accompilshments Martha made, her one dream was to have full ownership of Canadian Tire and she wanted the world to know it belogned to her.
             Finally, in 1980 A.J. realized how dedicated Martha was towards Canadain Tire. He resigned and appointed Martha and her brothers directors of the company. She was happy. It was the first step in taking control. The secound step came in 1983 when Martha and her brothers gained 60.9% of Tire shares and then in 1997 after the death of A.J., Martha became victorious and bought both her brothers out of the company for $45.

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