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Thomas jefferson

            Thomas Jefferson was a man of many abilities. Jefferson would complete one achievement and move on to the next. Jefferson was of great importance and had written goals more eloquently for his country than any American ever has. .
             Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia.His father Peter Jefferson was a wealthy man and his mother Jane Randolph Jefferson came from one of the first families of Virginia. Jefferson was the third child of ten children. At seventeen he attended the college of William and Mary. Jefferson was interested in mathematics, architecture, and music. Jefferson then served as a representative in the Virginia House of Burgesses and there he met his wife Martha Wayles Skeleton.
             Thomas Jefferson was elected to the Second Continental Congress. There he was appointed head of a committee in preparing the Declaration of Independence and was the primary author. The Declaration of Independence made Jefferson internationally famous. Jefferson also served in the House of Delegates where he passed bills to create a public library and to modernize curriculum or the college of William and Mary. Not only did Jefferson become governor of but two years after his wife died he became minister to France. Although Jefferson was in Paris he was always involved in the current events of the United States.
             When Jefferson returned he became Secretary of State in the first administration of George Washington. Jefferson was one to express his ideas involving bills and foreign affairs. Jefferson directed the office of state with notable objectivity and resigned on December 31, 1793. Thomas Jefferson welcomed Washington's decision to not run for a third term and became Vice President when John Adams took the place of Washington. Jefferson became President when John Adams completed his term. Jefferson made plans to extinguish public debt, he dealt with federalist critics, foreign affairs and repealed embargo.

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