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Thomas Jefferson

            Imagine for a minute that for one day, one hour, that Thomas Jefferson could be a guest speaker in our class. His only goal was to tell us his views on the United State as he intended them to be, would he be pleased or horrified? I believe Thomas Jefferson would not be blissful or capsized by today's evolution. When Jefferson died he left strict instructions that only three things be inscribed on his tomb. One, that he was the author of the Declaration of Independence. Two, that he wrote the Virginia's Religious Freedom Amendment. And three, that he founded the University of Virginia. This proves that he would analyze any aspect today pertaining to these issues. He was, after all, a man of science and technology - an inventor, an appropriator and an educator. Thomas Jefferson would be devastated by issues such as taxation and the lack of the common mans" power. But, Thomas Jefferson would spend his time preaching what principle are and what we as a country need to do to get back to what he, one of the Founding Fathers risked his life to build.
             When Jefferson wrote the constitution, he knew history. He knew that that great civilizations began to decline when direct taxation was introduced. In that Constitution, direct taxation was restricted because it would yield the same result experienced by the other nations using direct taxation because our government is using their power to steal from the people. Forgotten history would be reminded to us, if not forgotten then twisted. .
             Jefferson would speak quickly to abuse the "liberal" inconsistency. He would desolate the tried, tested and demonstrably untrue notion of big government liberal types that the government should be the first place all Americans turn to solve problems, instead of the last. He would quickly point out that while liberals claim to love individualism, they actually hate the individual. If they didn't they would allow the individual to be left alone and make their own major decisions.

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