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Thomas Jefferson

             Thomas Jefferson was a man that was one of the founding fathers of our.
             He became the third President of the United States. Thomas signed the.
             Declaration of Independence and the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
             Thomas Jefferson was a man that was gifted in so many things ranging from.
             writing to architecture showing great leadership abilities at such an early age.
             Many of the rights and the privileges the United States has today were made.
             possible by Thomas Jefferson.
             Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, which is now a small town.
             outside of Albemarle County, Virginia. He was born on April 13, 1743. He was.
             born next to a mountain that was very near where his future home would be.
             Thomas was born to Peter Jefferson and Jane Randolph. Peter Jefferson was a.
             land surveyor and his mother was of the old Virginia aristocracy. Thomas was the.
             third child and the oldest son in a family of four sons and six daughters. One of.
             his fond memories of his childhood was of when he was two-years old and was.
             handed up to a slave on horseback, who carried him on a pillow while he slept. .
             When Jefferson was five his family moved to Richmond and Jefferson was.
             enrolled at an English school called Tuckahoe. Before enrolling in school, he.
             could already read and write. At Tuchahoe he learned how to ride a horse, be a.
             stronger swimmer and how to shoot straight. At nine years old, Jefferson.
             entered boarding school and was taught by a man named Rev. William Douglas.
             Jefferson remembered William Douglas as "an extraordinary teacher except in.
             the classics." When Thomas was fourteen his father died and Thomas was sent.
             to a classical school where he was taught by Rev. James Maury. He studied at.
             the classical school until he was ready for college. .
             When Thomas was 17 he attended William and Mary College located in.
             Williamsburg, Virginia. While he was there he studied mathematics, literature,.
             and philosophy. His teacher then arranged for him to study law.

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