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Thomas Jefferson

            Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 on a farm called "Shadwell, in Albernarle County, Virginia" adjoining what is now Monticello. (Biography, p.1) His father and mother were known amongst some of the most famous Virginia families being one of the first settlers of Virginia, from Wales. Thomas's mother came from one of the most distinguished families in Virginia, while his father was a county official and surveyor.
             At age five Jefferson's father placed him into an English school where he spent four years and then afterwards he was transferred to a Latin school where he remained for five years. In 1757, while Thomas was only fourteen years old, his father passed away.
             At age seventeen, In 1760 Thomas was admitted to the College of William and Mary, "mathematics was said to be his favorite study, nevertheless, he distinguished himself in all the branches of education. He devoted a lot of his time to philosophy and science. For music he had an uncommon passion; and his hours of relaxation were passed in exercising his skill upon the violin." (Encyclopedia) .
             At this time during his college years attending William and Mary "Thomas read law with George Wythe, the greatest law teacher of his generation in Virginia." (Biography, p.1) "Thomas then graduated in 1762 with the highest honors of the institution." (Timeline).
             "After graduation Thomas stayed on in Williamsburg and was inducted into the practice of the Law under the sponsorship of his preceptor and friend, Mr. Wythe and now his mentor in the legal profession." (Timeline) "In 1764 Jefferson cames of age, and inherited 2,750 acres from his father's estate." (Timeline).
             "In 1765 Jefferson passed his bar examination and returned back to Shadwell due to the Stamp Act Crisis." In 1769 Jefferson was admitted to the bar of the General Court of Virginia. In May he took his seat as the representative from Albemarle County in the Virginia House of Burgesses.

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