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            Today we live in America which is known as the land of opportunity. This is the reason why millions of people seek refuge here in the United States. Each person and each family, in this great nation, has the same opportunity to succeed. Material wealth seems to be the one driving force behind the immigration, of these people, and our system of capitalism. People today think the only way to measure ones success is to have tangible items to flaunt to their friends or neighbors. As a small child I remember people joking with friends about, "keeping up with the Jones's." This phrase was referring to those people who had to duplicate what their neighbors bought or did. As an adult I can relate to what this is all about, greed. The search of wealth, at any cost, is slowly destroying our nation. This tainted possession of amassing wealth, greed, is what I believe symbolizes America. .
             In the roaring 1920's, America was a country of wealth and fame. People were entering Ellis Island by the millions. These people contributed to the society in many ways, such as the labor force and working management. The search for wealth was a long and painstaking adventure. By the end of the decade, we could see that these people were far better off, in the terms of wealth, then at the beginning. The stock market crashes at the end of this decade and the hard working men and women find themselves not only broke, but also without jobs. Some of these people commit suicide and others are institutionalized. Greed is slowly destroying the values of the United States and its traditional hope of people. Greed devours lives, young or old, which in turns leads to families being destroyed. .
             Soon after World War II America begins to rebuild its" economy. Through industry and technology the United States becomes the leader and front runner in the 1950's. Rockefellers, Melton's, and Vanderbilt's, were self-made millionaires, while working with oil, banks, and real estate.

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