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Is Greed Destructive?

             The United States of America is a capitalist democracy. For the most part, in this country people do things to make a profit. From a young age we are told, "go to school so you can grow up and be successful." Some think there is absolutely no way to use greed in a good manner. While money isn't all that matters in the world, to claim that it's not a major motivation is hypocritical.
             Greed has its positive side. It can be an incentive to improve and further oneself. Acquiring money and possessions is considered a sign of success. In the special show "Greed", a lifeguard business proves that greed can be highly effective. Since the lifeguards incentive is to make profit, the workers strive to become more efficient at their job. Greed may be fine in some cases, but on the other hand when it becomes part of the equation, the intent and purpose can become blurred.
             There is a strong link between greed and destructiveness. The idea that self-interest expresses greed plays a powerful role in much of the thinking in today's society. T.J. Rodgers, CEO of Cypress Semiconductor and the toughest boss in America, pounds on people like Ted Turner for giving money away. Rogers says, "What he should do is take his money and invest it running around giving his money away is a way to maybe make himself feel good, but it sure as hell isn't a good way to help people." How can he judge so cruel, isn't giving away your own wealth to benefit a good cause the true way to help? T.J. Rodgers can be a perfect example of a undeserving greedy businessmen. Although Rodgers feelings could possibly be merciless intentions, many share his opinions.
             Numerous Americans feel that Rodgers are actually helpful to the social order. Instead of giving away hard earned money, why not invest it? Investments can go to the companies, buildings and plants, and create jobs, wealth, and products for other people. Citizens gain a sense of achievement when they work for themselves.

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