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The Seven Deadly Sins

            The Seven Deadly Sins According to the Bible and Biblical authors.
             The "Seven Deadly Sins" that sounds like an interesting topic doesn't it? .
             Well I would hope so, not as a point of simple interest, but so that one might .
             take a moment to reflect on what these might be. So that one might find that .
             they themselves are guilty of committing them. When we talk about sin we .
             must remember that it is still sin. But people today have replaced it with different words so that it is easier to concept or live with while committing them. We would now call it a "mistake, or error," even a "negative action or fault," but rarely do we call it what GOD labels it in the Bible, he calls sin," A monstrous rebellion to his word and laws.".
             The Seven Deadly Sins, which according to some Biblical authors have great consequences in HELL if committed and not repented and are known by certain colors or animals. These sins are labeled as Pride, Envy, Wrath/anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, and Lust. There are several different families to which these sins are included into. First there's the PRIDE FAMILY, which includes: anger, envy and of course pride. Second there is the LUST FAMILY included by gluttony, greed, and lust. Third and last there is SLOTH. This is in a category all by itself.
             Now I am going to tell you about these families. First, the Pride Family, which includes Anger and Envy. These are categorized like this because of their striking similarities. The common reasons we become angry are because we have been stopped from getting our own way, have been insulted by someone else, or we have had our rights violated. Each of these cases provokes our anger by reminding us that we are not all-powerful or all knowing. "What is anger if not the act of limiting our imagination and creativity against the prison of time, place, and morality?" said Keith Boudreaux a Biblical author. Pride doesn't like to be reminded of it limitations.

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