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The Seven Deadly Sins of Consumers

             Every man, woman, and child has purchased goods for personal use. Benton in his account of the "seven deadly sins" in "The Seven Deadly Sins of Students" (377), consumers, too, suffer from a weakness that faces them in everyday life. Consumers, aware or not, are overcome with the "seven deadly sins".
             Thomas H. Benton describes the traditional view of the "seven deadly sins" as when a person, "choose self- indulgence instead of self-denial, and self- esteem instead of self- questioning" (377). The "seven deadly sins" are those transgressions that are fatal to spiritual progress. In the Bible, Paul reminds us "But now you must put them all away: anger wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth" (Col. 3:8, NIV). The "seven deadly sins" helps in categorizing and simplifying the everyday experiences of these consumers:.
             Sloth: Consumers often pick up fast food or pre-prepared dinners from the frozen section of the grocery store; this laziness affects their heath. Consumers of grocery stores and fast food restaurants have many other options for a more healthy meal. Also, another way to avoid this problem is for Americans to begin to cook homemade meals for their families. Although this may take more time and effort it is good for them and family meal time creates a strong bond between families. .
             Greed: Consumers also suffer from greed or, the act of wishing you had power over those around you. Often when shopping conflict can occur between a consumer and employee. This act of greed is most commonly because of the consumers want to have power over the employee who's facts are based on more knowledge than that of the consumer. .
             Wrath: Anger in a grocery store is not uncommon in fact; it is guaranteed to happen to everyone upon a shopping trip in the local grocery store. Consumers may become angry when prices are too high or the aisles are too busy. This anger is most commonly taken out on the store manager due to the fact the consumer is unhappy about his or her experience.

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