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             Greed .
             The definition of greed is stated: Excessive or reprehensive acquisitive. I believe that people are greedy. I believe that through the ages people have done many different things. First, power back in the old days by ruling gave them greed. Second, today greed is found by wealth and power. And lastly the quality of people change when people become greedy.
             Greed all started with the queens and Kings. They all wanted to rule with the most power. The prince, the son of the king always watched how his father ruled, and from his experience he tried different thing so that he would rule with more power than his father did. Which in the end made him greedier for power than his father was. In other cases people tried different approaches. Rockefeller tried in persuasion. He made his money in the oil business. He persuaded people by having the same type of oil but a lot cheaper than his competition. People learned that they could get almost the same product and save money in the process. This is what started greed.
             Today it is all about money and power. The more wealthy you are the more money you want and the more thing you have to show off that you are better than everyone else. For example Ted Turner did the "money in the bowl,"" he took five people put a bowl in the middle and put money in it. If the people left the money in the bowl he would put two dollars in for every one dollar that was still in the bowl. But he found out that through his experience that people were too greedy to leave the money in the bowl and let the pot get bigger. After he put the money in the bowl people snatched it up, just like a kid on Halloween. Because it was free money! Bill Gates "founder on Microsoft- is just as greedy as any one else.

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