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The Definition of Greed

            Greed is a term best defined as "an excessive desire to acquire or possess more than one needs or deserves" ( Webster). However, I believe the definition of greed is the desire to have more wants then needs. Greed is a term that impacts the viewing of an individual. As an individual continues to be greedy they will not only affect themselves but others who associate with that individual. .
             Greed is a word that many scramble to find a true definition for , simply because it is a very despicable trait to have. Many individuals who are greedy will not make it far in life because of the mentality " the more I have the better I am." However, not many individuals accept that quality and will take action in a different way. During high school I lost a friend due to being greedy. Everything he did was about himself and only him and did not carry the quality's of caring about any one else. The only thing that mattered to him was he got what he wanted when he wanted it. Although greed can easily be misconstrue with the term "spoiled", greedy isn't always about getting what you want. Even though an individual may strive off attention and do everything in their power to have attention when it shouldn't be, I believe an individual becomes greedy due to his or her childhood. If kids grow up having everything they want and get used to just receiving and not giving any effort they will become some what greedy. Every parent wants whats best for their kids and will do anything to make them happy. If parents give their kids what they want in reason and teach them that they can't always get what they want, the letdown in the won't be as bad. Therefore children will become less greedy as they mature because they understand that not every one is not as fettuccine as them. Witch makes the term greed a very complex term depending how individuals portray the term. In my example the term greed means being helpful and appreciating what you have and not having your wants out weigh your needs.

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