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English Only Movement

             The current English-Only movement advocates that English be the only language used in the United States. The urgency of this movement is because the English language is endangered because more immigrants are settling in the U.S. and those that do not speak English are pampered by bilingual services that have encouraged them not to learn English. The goal of the English-Only movement is to make English the official language of the United States and to limit bilingual education. .
             There are many different organizations that are in favor of the English-Only movement. The English-Only movement is led by a multi-million dollar organization called U.S. English that has over 1.7 million members. Senator S.I. Hayawaka whom was an immigrant himself founded the organization in 1983. U.S. English has effectively lobbied for the passage of English-Only laws in eighteen states since it was founded in 1983. The goals of the members of English-Only are to make English the official language so that immigrants can learn the language. Therefore, by learning the language immigrants have a better chance at acquiring education and jobs. .
             English-Only supporters have many valid reasons for argument for English-Only such as a person might take a driving test in a foreign language but cannot understand the English street signs. Or a person may have a vote ballot in a foreign language but cannot understand the issues that are being addressed. .
             The elimination of bilingual and multilingual education could result in the loss of a human life. Advocates against the English-Only movement take into consideration the following facts. The Washington Times reported in 1987 that a 911 emergency dispatcher was able to save the life of a Salvadoran woman's baby son, who had stopped breathing, by coaching the mother in Spanish over the telephone to administer mouth-to-mouth and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation until the paramedics arrived.

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