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Official Language for America

            Official Language for the United States.
             The United States of America has been coined as the "melting pot of the world." America has attracted people from almost every other country in the world and is a place where you can find almost any culture. A major component of culture that people keep with them is their language. There are more than 329 languages spoken in the United States ranging from Spanish to Chinese. With all those different languages spoken in the US the government has become multilingual meaning we provide government documents and services in an assortment of languages. As such the US is one of the few countries without an official language, although most assume that it is English since we are predominantly an English speaking country. .
             The question of an official language is not an argument in most other countries because they do not have the mix of cultures that we do. Ninety-two percent of the world's countries have at least one official language; therefore most countries in the world do not have a multilingual government because they are united under one language. They do not accommodate for immigrants who speak different languages by providing official documents or ballots or other government services in an assortment of languages. The immigrants are expected to assimilate to their culture in part by learning the language of the given country so that they are active, productive citizens. Some of the countries that do have an official language(s) are Denmark, Canada, Algeria, etc. So it seems other cultures seem to understand this concept and are not opposed but in America, the "melting pot of the world", no one wants to melt into one culture and unite under one language. .
             We are a culturally diverse country with a number of languages spoken in this country. So because of this diversity our government should provide official documents and services in different languages so we can continue to be a multilingual government? A multilingual government plays a large part in contributing to the separation of cultures which causes racial and ethnic conflicts to continue and grow.

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