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            Should English be the official language? This is a very controversial topic today. Is it ridiculous that one can take a drivers license test in multiple foreign languages? Should bilingual programs in our schools be stopped? Should linguistic ghettos exist and how do they affect America. All these questions are very important and currently top priority of English as well as English first. This topic raises pros and cons from both native Americans and immigrants who are recently became citizens of this new land. In my opinion, I agree that English should be the official language of America, however I still believe that government should still assist the newcomers learn English. Also help with interpreters in important places such as the government agency's and courts. .
             English and English first as well as many other Americans today have been annoyed by feeling out of place. When you go to a store in Manhattan English is the language used for customers and behind the counter. Unlike in some places for instance, like Brighton beach Brooklyn. Where majority of the people only speak Russian in an ordinary store you can't even ask for help without knowing how to speak in this foreign language creates a problem as well as confusion among Americans living in NY. This doesn't only happen in NY but also in NJ and California. Certain areas are considered ethnic ghettoes. This means that at that location most of the people are of the same ethnic background. .
             US officials have been considering acceptance of English official language bill .
             for past decade but still did not approve of it. As well as our fathers of today's .
             constitutions were thinking of having only one official language would scare the .
             immigrants away from the new land of freedom where freedom of your own language .
             had to be questioned. So that is one of the major reasons why they did not include this .
             bill and it is still up for consideration for the approval by Supreme Court and the congress.

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