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Is Bilingual Better?

             The controversy of whether bilingual education is right or wrong has been persistently disputed throughout the years. Bilingual schooling is an educational program for children whose native language is not English. Children are taught for some portion of the day in their native language, with the goal of moving them into mainstream English classes as quickly as possible-- usually within two to three years (Definition par.1). This new method of equal education was first devised in the mid-1960's, when the civil rights movement for African Americans was at its peak and Latino activists began launching protests. Latino's became very concerned with the negative circumstances that led to unacceptably high amounts of school dropouts among Spanish speaking children "more than fifty percent (Porter par.1). As a well accomplished nation, we know that the economic well-being of our society depends on sustaining an educated population relying on job opportunities. With the economy on their mind, in 1968 Congress approved a bill filed by Senator Ralph Yarborough, of Texas, aimed at removing the language barrier to an equal education (Porter par.1). It was then, that this country fast forwarded to what was deemed to be advancement, but turned out to be a set back. .
             With a new phase of bilingual schooled children, statistics showed a mere improvement. Numerous effects of the bilingual programs were beginning to show signs of error. With the students living in the United States, and continuing to learn how to read and write in Spanish had no influence in keeping Latino children in school. Having the children speak in their native language and learn of their native culture was considered to be a more successful way of teaching. Thinking realistically, this kind of teaching does not prepare these students for the location in which they live. In the United States, to become successful in life and in work, being familiar and comfortable with English is essential.

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