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             Bilingualism pays, if we"d open our ears. The United States should promote bilingualism in Arizona and other states in our country. English speaking Americans in the United States should learn the language of Spanish, and Spanish citizens isolated in the United States should learn the language of English. There are lots of reasons bilingualism should be promoted and be taken to action: The reason is that there are a lot of Hispanic people in Arizona, and the Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic group in and the United States. In other words, we have the largest number of immigration compare to other countries. Another reason that bilingualism should be promoted is that business opportunities would expand and grow significantly. And the third reason that bilingualism should be promoted is because Hispanic citizens and the American citizens in the United States would learn how to communicate at a better level of understanding between the both languages by providing ESL programs in school. Which makes bilingualism a benefit in Arizona.
             Bilingualism pays, if we open our ears; according to a report by Jacquelyn Lynn, during the period "between 1980-89", "the Hispanic population in the United States increased fifty- three percent to twenty-two point Four million people". Because of the fast growth of Hispanic people, new immigrants and their children will be more than half of Fifty million additional residents added to the national population in the next Twenty - Five years. Places like Arkansas, North Carolina, and the - mid west are posting some of the fastest Latino growth on a percentile basis in the country. A report by Konning and Kammar estimated the Latino growth rate of Four point Seven percent was almost Four times the national pace; more than Three times blacks rate and double that of American Indians. According to a Census Bureau in July 1, 2001 we currently had Thirty Seven million Hispanics living in the United States.

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