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Diary Of A Mad Bride: Summary

            Diary of a Mad Bride was a wonderful book about the difficulties a woman can (and probably will) go through when facing the joys of matrimony. It was full of laugh-out-loud humor as well as an interesting and original perspective on what one goes through before marriage.
             The book takes place in modern times in Manhattan, NY. The main characters are Amy Thomas (a 30 year old magazine editor who has recently become engaged), Stephen Stewart (Amy's fiancé), Mandy and Anita (Amy's two best friends), Amy's mother and father, Nicole and Chet (Amy's sister and brother in law), Mr. Stewart and Misty (Stephen's father and his lover), Mrs. Stewart and Chuffy (Stephen's mother and her spoiled dog) and Grams (Amy's grandmother). .
             (This book did not have chapters; it was set up in a diary format, I can't really go chapter by chapter, so I will just have to cover the main events in the book.).
             As the book starts out, we find that Amy is someone who doesn't have any desire to be married. Well, this soon changes when her boyfriend proposes to her. Vowing to herself not to end up like most brides (panicky, scatterbrained, self-centered, un-organized aka a crazy bride) she decides to approach this in the most organized way possible. She makes a list of things to do.
             Soon though, after reading A LOT of bridal magazines, she realizes that her small to do list, composed of about 25 "things to do-, will never be sufficient. Soon her list is growing and growing until it reaches about 125 "things to do-. Needless to say, Amy feels a bit overwhelmed. But, she decides that the wedding isn't for almost an entire year, and things will somehow work out just fine.
             Amy had another problem to deal with at the moment. Her best friend Mandy is getting married, and Amy is a bridesmaid. The only problem with this is her bridesmaid dress is the ugliest dress she's ever seen. She describes it as a sort of butter-yellow (shudder).

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