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Distorted Sexual Values

             In today's society it is evident that premarital sex is a common view. The meaning of sex is different o different people the word sex alone has several connotations it may refer to gender, the reality of our being male or female example "opposite sex". It may pertain to erotic awareness and arousal the attraction toward and desire for intimacy with another example sex appeal. The word sex also used to indicate function activity involving the genital organ as in "having sex"(Clarke 230). This causes confusion in the minds of may people in society today. In the comic strip "Cathy" Cathy Guise- Wite captures the confusion of many in this comic. As the almost but not quite liberated "Cathy" is getting dressed to go out on a date, she reflects: "I"m wearing the "heirloom lace" of my grandmothers generation with the conscience of my mothers generation coping with the morals of my generation No mater what I do tonight, I"m going to offend myself" (Clark 231). Society as a whole is confused about sex and its sex values. Sex is a gift from the creator, a part of human God given nature and as such it is good. Writers of scripture clearly endorse the celebration of human sexuality. Society must remember, "sexuality must be expressed according to the makers instructions" (Clarke 233). Sex has been given this view or definition of something that should be used naturally everyday, when ever we want enjoyment (Leone 22). In the world today all that we do is for self-gratification and pleasing one's desires. This has had a major role on people's sexual values/ morals. .
             Williams 2 .
             There is a large group of people in society today that hold the belief that premarital sec is helping society. Leone quotes The Humanist to show the views that many have.
             Physical pleasure ha worth as a moral value. Traditional religious and social vies have often condemned pleasures of the body as "sinful" or "wicked".

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