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Pornograpy and Deviant Behaviours

             This paper discusses the many ways in which access to pornographic material has led to an increase in deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors. Through the use of research, experiments, articles, presentations and surveys, I am acquainted with the different individuals who are affected by viewing and using these sexual explicit materials. Detail information is given on the effects that pornography have on married couples, single men and women, adolescents, and children. This paper relates these individuals high level of addiction to porn. Men and women generally become warped in their perception about sex and relationships. They think sexual abuse, aggression and degradation are normal and fun. Male porn viewers regard women as just sex objects and have problems relating to "real" women. Pornography use has had harmful effects on marriages and result in divorces and breakdowns in families and other social relationships. Female users on the contrary develop poor self-esteem and decreased satisfaction with their body image. Adolescent and children are most vulnerable to pornographic material. The material creates distorted images of sexual reality and develops unrealistic attitudes about sex and towards relationships. Generally producers of sexual explicit material condone deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors.
             Access to Pornographic Materials and Effects on Sexual Attitudes and Behaviors on Individuals.
             Our access to pornographic material has definitely led to an increase in deviant sexual attitudes and behaviors. Let's first consider what pornographic material entails and then discover how it affects all types of individuals in all levels in our society. Pornographic material can be considered as sexually explicit media designed primarily to arouse the audience sexually (Malamuth, 1993). These materials can be grouped into two broad categories, that is, violent pornography and nonviolent pornography.

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