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            Hercules father was Zeus his mother was Princes Alcmena. Hera Zeus's Queen hate Alcmena and Hercules, once Hera tried to kill Hercules but he kill the serpents before their could bite him. Being of noble at birth, he had to learn to sing and play the lyre, but Hercules rather wrestle and fight. One day Linus his music teacher scolded him for singing out of tune. In a fit of fury Hercules banged his lyre on Linus killing him. Hercules was too strong to have around. They sent him into the mountains as a shepherd. There he rid the countryside around Thebes of lions and wolves. In return the king of Thebes give Hercules his daughter in marriage. Hera hated this she made him raving mad, he killed his owe children thinking that they were wild beasts. When he regained his senses, he was horrified at what he had done and went to the oracle of Delphi to learn what he must do to atone for his crime. He had to be a slave for his cousin Eurystheus and do ten labors for him. The first labor was to kill Nemean lion. Hercules chased it out of its lair and squeezed it to death. Then he skinned the beast with it's own claws, and with the impenetrable skin of the Nemean lion slung over his head and shoulders, he reported back to Eurystheus. Next was to kill the nine-headed Hydra, but every head he knocked off two were grow back. He calls to his charioteer to bring a firebrand and sear the necks. Then no heads would sprout. Hera saw that Hercules was winning the fight and sent a giant crab to pinch Hercules" heel, but he kicked the crab as he knocks off the last of heads. He dipped arrows in the Hydra's blood, making them so poisonous a mere scratch from them was deadly. His third to capture the boar with tusks as sharp as swords. Eurystheus sent Hercules to bring the boar back alive. He chased the boar out to the snow-capped mountain. The beast sank into the snow and Hercules subdues it.

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