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Drug Policy

             This paper will discuss the issues pertaining to the Drug Policy in the United States. Research on the topic has proved very useful for me, not only have I learned about the many policies that our country has on drugs, drug use, and drug trafficking, but I have gained insight on the issues pertaining to the drug policy. .
             Many Americans have little first hand experience with the problems associated with drug use. What Americans do know is mainly from what they hear from the Mass Media, particularly television. A prominent group of physicians (PLNDP) conducted a survey, their findings showed that the U.S. is getting the wrong picture about drugs. The PLNDP, Physicians Leadership on National Drug Policy, found that half of the individuals in the U.S. that admit to cocaine and heroin uses were Caucasian. They stated that the sixty seven percent of the individuals in the U.S. who admitted to regularly smoking marijuana were white, and that less than seventeen percent were black. The media regularly depicts blacks as the ones who are smoking pot, and shooting heroin, when in fact it is whites who are regularly abusing these drugs. .
             When I first put in the CD-ROM to further conduct research on the drug policy, I was asked the question; "If someone in your family was suffering from an illness, and the only way to cure this illness was to illegally purchase marijuana for your loved one so they could smoke marijuana cigarettes throughout the day to cure themselves, what would you do?" The CD-ROM then added that marijuana was strictly enforced as an illegal drug in the state, which with you are residing. I was then presented with two options, A. You could go ahead and purchase the marijuana knowing the consequences, or B. You could just wait it out and hope for the best. The option that I chose was to purchase the marijuana, I was then told by the CD-ROM that marijuana is both illegal, and shunned upon by society.

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