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Drug Testing

             Researchers have found adults over the age of 18, who reported current illicit drug use, 77% percent are employed, either full or part-time. (Drug-Free 1) Drug testing helps prevent drug abuse in the workplace. Regular drug testing proves to have more benefits than costs. The reduction in drug abuse will help provide a safer environment, raise profits, reduce the amount of work related accidents, and lower the company's insurance costs.
             The privacy and the comfort of the employee are important as well as the testing itself. Companies need to make a choice whether to give the test and invade the privacy of the employee, or to allow drug abuser to work. .
             Rights to privacy and due process are most typically on the minds of those .
             who oppose the drug testing. The emergence of such language is hardly .
             surprising because testing challenges so many facets of these values: it .
             requires urination on demand and often under direct observation, it inquires.
             into the previously areas of our life, it compels the provision of personal .
             medical information, and it denies individuals control over their off-duty .
             time. (Gilliom 85).
             Gilliom is giving a base for the arguments against drug testing. Drug testing is a highly contested issue within the courts. Judges have ruled that urine testing an invasion of human privacy and dignity. .
             Few have argued that compelled urination is the aural or visual presence of .
             another is not an act that raises significant concerns about human privacy.
             and dignity. Indeed, urine testing has attracted much attention because it often .
             involves the observed performance of something that we do often but .
             normally in public and at the risk of arrest in public. (Gilliom 91).
             Urine testing forces a person to be watched to ensure the validity of the test. The presence of a person in the room observing this test may cause anxiety. Society teaches .
             us to be discreet and private about urination.

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