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Drug Testing

            The restaurant industry is a very stressful business. It takes a certain person to serve people and to juggle the stress that goes along with serving the public. Some people feel that dealing with the stress of the job is much easier when you are under the influence of drugs. As a server, I can understand why fellow servers feel the need to use drugs. Some 19 percent of food preparation workers, waiters, waitresses and bartenders use drugs, for instance.1 Many employees use drugs for medicinal reasons, others for recreational use and some use them simply to make more money. Servers feel that if they are under the influence of drugs, they can deal with the guests better, are more friendly and in turn, they tend to make more money because they are relaxed. Most restaurants do not have a drug policy. This fact opens them up to all kinds of applicants. If you do not screen your employees, how can you be sure that everyone you hire is drug-free? Many employers have no idea if any of their employees are using drugs. Personally, I feel that what you do on your own time is your business. As long as your habit does not interfere with your performance, your employer should have no right to subject you to a drug test. I also think that if restaurants offered substance abuse prevention programs, they would be less concerned about whether their employees were using drugs. Many companies also violate a person's rights by forcing them to either take drug tests or by having their personal belongings searched. .
             You do not have to pass a drug test to get the job and the only time they do a drug test is if you have on on-the-job injury. In many cases, however, even the drug test for worker compensation claims are waived. Many employers feel that drug use inhibits productivity. In fact, the only credible study on the merits of drug testing was undertaken in 1994 by the National Academy of Sciences and sponsored by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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