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Drug and Alcohol Testing

            The Effectiveness of Background Checks and Drug, Personality, Integrity, and Aptitude Testing in Human Resource Staffing.
             It happens to the best employers: illegal activity in your workplace, drugs, a sudden amount of thefts, a worker threatening violence, or some other kind of misconduct. The question is, "What types of prevention methods can be taken during the staffing process to prevent such occurrences?" The most efficient methods are through drug testing, personality testing, integrity testing, aptitude testing, and background checks. .
             Today, taking a drug test is as routine as filling out a job application. While implementation of a drug testing policy may initially reduce the pool of unfit applicants, regular pre-employment testing will help an organization to ensure a safer workplace, and facilitate the delivery of better quality products and services. According to the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University [1] more than seventy percent of current illicit drug users are employed. This means that more than 10 million employees use illicit drugs, making the workplace an important environment in which to intervene with drug users and to help prevent employees from starting to use illegal drugs. Employers generally test applicants and employees for drugs and alcohol because they perceive that those who test positive are more likely to be fired or absent from work than those who test negative. Almost all forms of employee testing raise issues of potential violations of an employee's privacy rights. Employers have a right to expect their .
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             employees not to come to work under the influence. Job performance is the main concern in a job; if an employee cannot do their job appropriately then employers have a legitimate reason for either not employing or terminating an employee. There are drug testing laws that determine what an employer is limited to do. To avoid most legal matters, an effective drug and alcohol testing policy should be established.

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