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Drug Testing

             Drug testing in high schools has become a major issue in our country. On one side are the school administrators who believe that drug testing is in the best interest of the students and will encourage students to stay clean and sober. Others argue that drug testing is a violation of student's personal rights. By imposing mandatory drug testing in high schools, it shows students that they must take responsibility and live up to the high standards set for them. Drug testing in schools is an excellent way to monitor students ("Drug Testing: Going to far?- ), especially those who participate in sports and others leadership positions, and would essentially decrease the desire to experiment with potentially life-changing drugs due to fear of consequence. .
             There are many ways to test students for the use of illegal drugs and alcohol. Although many argue that these methods are not effective, "most drug tests present accurate results- (United States Drug Policy). Within the boundaries of logical suspicion, those tested are usually proven guilty of drug use. Suspicion less drug testing is random drug testing not based on the students race, grade, academic achievement, religion or activities. Monitoring certain students who are suspected of drug use is shown to decrease the amount of younger drug users in our nations high schools. As the famous quote goes, "one bad apple spoils them all-. This proves to be true among high school drug users.
             Though President Bush wants to allow more money to be spent on drug testing in schools ("Drug Testing: Going to far?-), it is not only money that is a factor. Many parents now a days feel as though they must be friends with their children. This cause them to lack disciplinary qualities. Without consequences from parents, kids become lost in a world of temptation and somewhat abandonment. In order to provide a stable environment in where students can learn to take responsibility for their actions, it is time to mandate drug testing in schools.

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