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Effectiveness Of Drug Testing In The Workplace

            The Effectiveness of Drug Testing In The Work Place.
             • Drug testing at work is the single and most effective weapon we have against drug abuse.
             • The goals of drug testing would include:.
             • Improvement in productivity.
             • A more safe work environment.
             • A decrease in absenteeism.
             • According to the American Council for Drug Education, substance abusers incur 300% higher medical costs than non-using employers do, and 25% of substance abusers steal from their employer. Also drug abusers are 33% less productive.
             • Drug testing is required among public sector workers, such as police, firefighters, and other federal workers.
             • In the private sector, airline pilots, bus drivers, train engineers, and others hold the lives of many people in their hands.
             • Drug related accidents also encourage people to accept drug testing. More and more corporations require drug tests of their employees for safety reasons.
             • When the State of Ohio introduced drug testing, they found absenteeism dropped 91%; there were 88% fewer problems with supervisors and 97% decease in on-the-job injuries.
             • The most effective programs are those where the work force approves a humane, compassionate, and anti-drug policy.
             • Many corporations have treatment programs for their employees in the case that they test positive for drug use. By treating these workers, employees not only promote a drug free environment, but also act to change situations of individuals.
             • On thing is clear; drug testing will continue to spread fast regardless of government support, as the most practical and cost effective way to strengthen existing drug policies at work.

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