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            Ducati Motor Holding got its start in 1926, when the Ducati brothers founded a small electrical appliance business in the suburbs of Bologna Italy. By the 1950's, Ducati was building much stronger and faster motorcycles. It was shortly after the production of this cycle that Fabio Taglioni's new found valve gear system changed the future for Ducati. His valve gear system allowed engines to run more efficient while adding horsepower.
             Superior performance has been the hallmark of Ducati for decades. Since the early fifty's many changes were made to Ducati motorcycles to improve their performance. A new bike, the 750 V-twin, scored a sensational and unexpected victory in the Imola 200 and launched the Ducati V-twin dynasty.
             Throughout more than fifty years of superior engineering, competition, testing, and cutting edge Italian design, Ducati has built an enduring motorcycle legacy. .
             With its primary branch based in Bologna Italy, Ducati operates in high performance motorcycles. Only selling on average 600,000 units per year Ducati manages to make 408 million dollars annually. Motorcycle sales are not the only contributor to Ducati's revenue however. Ducati also sells high performance replacement parts, accessories and apparel, and engine sales. Ducati however did not always have such a high percentage of profits. In 1995 Ducati suffered a huge finical crisis. Once a change in control was made, sales quadrupled.
             Being in the high performance motorcycle industry, Ducati has many competitors. An interesting fact is that Ducati does not consider Harley Davidson as a competitor. One advantage that Ducati has on the rest of its competitors is customer loyalty. This literally means that two out of three people that have bought a Ducati motorcycle will return to Ducati when they are ready to purchase again.
             Ducati offers its employees many different benefits, such benefits as full medical, eye, and dental plans.

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