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Harley Davidson and Ducati Marketing Strategies

            Harley Davidson and Ducati remain two of the most recognizable brands in the motorcycle industry. Both have created strong brand loyalty, and dominate a large percentage of the market and the two companies owe part of their success to their advertising branch. Harley Davidson and Ducati both utilize pathos, logos and ethos in their print advertisements in an attempt to appeal to a male demographic. Harley Davidson attempts to appeal to men by creating an image of classic, rugged, American masculinity while Ducati focuses on a new, more exotic image of masculinity. The two marketing strategies are very different, but ultimately, Ducati utilizes the more effective strategy because they don't place limits on their market. .
             Through print advertising, Ducati targets a primarily male consumer market.nDucati aims for a more modern clientele and attempt to appeal to a newer image of masculinity. In their print ads, the main subject rides a bright pink motorcycle. The advertisement portrays the man as confident, handsome and distinctive. The male in the image appeals to a wide demographic of males who wish to live an exciting, exotic lifestyle.
             Ducati utilizes pathos, ethos and logos in an attempt to appeal to a male market. Ducati utilizes pathos by targeting their market's desire for an exotic lifestyle. In their advertisement, they portray a gentleman on a Ducati. The man rides a bright pink bike and has been pulled over by a police officer in a helicopter. The picture is wide framed and the background is an intriguing location. This utilizes pathos by appealing to men's desire for living this sort of lifestyle. Ducati remains one of the most well known motorcycle brands on the market. They utilize ethos by capitalizing on their brand recognition. Ducati has a reputation for being an exotic, exclusive Italian brand. They count on their credibility to sell their products. The company utilizes logos in their advertisement through their caption "For those few who are fast" (Ducati).

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